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Into the future with connected e-mobility

Connected mobility and infrastructural solutions are sure to figure ever more prominently in tomorrow’s transportation. We are doing our part as an engineering partner to put e-vehicles and multimodal transportation into practice and deliver sector-agnostic solutions for the entire ecosystem.

This ecosystem-centered approach dovetails diverse industries and use cases to address varying needs in a holistic way, always with the greater goal of optimizing the overall system in mind.

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Connected, smart mobility platforms

Innovative charging infrastructure

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Intelligent Charge Planner

An integrated algorithm taps the power of artificial intelligence and multi-criteria optimization to provide a smarter, customizable way of planning and optimizing battery-charging operations to suit the driver, fleet operator, and energy producer.

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Charge Enabler

Developed in-house, our Charge Enabler is an open-source solution that complies with European charging standards. Our commitment to e-mobility covers all the angles, so flexibility, test case automation, and compliance checks are all part of the package.

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The hydrogen ecosystem

Hydrogen and fuel cells are key technologies for clean, safe, and affordable energy. The hydrogen ecosystem’s vast potential is perceptible even at a cursory glance. Together, we can spot and seize your best business opportunities along the hydrogen value chain. Our holistic insight as a solution provider extends to every corner of this ecosystem, from energy production and manufacturing to mobility and heating.

The e-mobility ecosystem Holistic. Sustainable. Future-minded.

As the partner network’s engineering enabler, we drive the development of alternative drive technologies and sustainable end-to-end solutions. Our efforts add value to e-vehicles, charging infrastructure, and mobility platforms. With a firm grasp of methods encompassing many lines of business and an abiding love of technology, we join forces with you to fast-track our planet’s decarbonization across the various value chains.

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