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  • Creation of Requirements, Specifications and Engineering – all Work Contract Compliance
  • Assistance in Designing Work Packages
  • Define Clear Acceptance Criteria
  • Professional Infrastructure and Project Offices with Connection to Customer Network

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One control unit, two functions for failsafe, highly automated driving

Hands off the wheel? Yes, but only if the systems’ safety is assured. This challenge places new demands on automated cars’ safety features. New functions call for redundant vehicular systems. Doubling the component count is not the best technical or most economical option, which is why the AutoKonf project set out to develop an innovative E/E architecture.

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Digital Health Campaign

Connected medical devices, medical apps, paperless clinical trials, cloud-based patient solutions – the digital transformation is in full swing in the medical and healthcare industry. Competitive pressure is high. Developments have to come fast. Systems must be user-friendly yet secure.

Find out more about how ITK helps digitalize the healthcare market.

Your Compass for the IoT World

Network technology, various interfaces, and organizational changes: A lot of challenges can arise on your journey to the Internet of Things. To meet your goals, we develop the right strategy and design tailor-made solutions for your digital transformation. >Learn more