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Tapping the potential of cloud services

IT infrastructure and cloud services harbor vast potential. The trick is to make the most of both to benefit your business. Call on our experts to advise and assist you as you migrate your assets to the cloud or tackle your unique IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS challenges.

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Tailormade cloud migration

Designing and developing cloud solutions

Data engineering

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Automotive acoustics assessment at the edge

Edge computing can be a powerful asset. Upping efficiency and computing power, it can help with acoustic analyses of vehicular behavior and serve to port new functions to the vehicle.

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A cloud-based platform for pattern recognition

Do you want to make your data processing more efficient? An end-to-end big data solution that is both scalable and reliable can do that for you.

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Real-time detection of time series anomalies

Using a cloud-based solution, data can be monitored in real time through intuitive web user interfaces in order to be able to react promptly to deviations in time series data. Our solution provides storage and compute infrastructure in the cloud and realizes the integration of the cognitive services of the cloud provider including the user interface.

Ushering in the future of cloud usage

Let us join forces to put your data to smarter use with connectivity, edge computing, or a cloud platform. Dipping into our collective domain expertise and experience, our interdisciplinary teams will take an agile approach to your project. Our big-picture outlook provides a holistic view of your situation. From this vantage point, we can develop custom cloud solutions and implement innovative business models with you.

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