Developer and executive chair – no contradiction!

Eulàlia Mascareña, developer and team leader at ITK

I am a team lead and developer.

I adopt different perspectives on a daily basis: As a team lead my responsibility lies in creating an innovative work environment which allows each member of my team to develop individually. As an embedded software developer, I am helping to shape the digital future of mobility. Finding the right balance and time for both roles can be challenging, but the experience is rewarding. At ITK, I have the pleasure of working with many great teams in a pleasant environment characterized by motivation, passion, and collaboration.

Eulalia in conversation with a colleague

I immediately applied to ITK in Barcelona.

I got to know ITK during my semester abroad in Karlsruhe at a career fair and was drawn to the company’s cool and positive energy. A few years later, I discovered that there was an office in Barcelona and applied right away. At that time, the team was still small, but we have since grown from 10 to over 60 employees. Despite the growth, the positive energy and family-like atmosphere have remained the same.

Above all, I associate ITK with openness and collaboration – a place to work where I can help shape things and feel heard.

Eulàlia Mascareña, Team Leader and Developer, Mobility, Barcelona

What did I want to become as a child?

I always wanted to become an engineer. Even as a child, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in this fascinating world. Above all, my brother supported and inspired me in this pursuit. Today, I find my energy for daily life by spending time in Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona, where I can relax and observe people playing music, juggling, or having picnics, no matter the season.

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