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From concept to series production

As an one-stop supplier, we can develop a full product package, including software, hardware, and any mechanical systems. In addition, we also provide support with production setup and selection of cooperation partners in regards to series production and delivery.

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Custom product development

Full service flexibility – from conceptualization to mass manufacturing

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Automotive use cases

Our automotive product development services are diverse indeed, covering everything from energy storage systems and onboard electrical systems to electronic convenience systems, powertrains, and vehicle dynamics. We also develop products for manufacturing and agricultural machinery.



Hardware Engineering SPICE

Hardware Engineering SPICE is the first development process assessment model to be built with intacs™. It serves to assess development processes, identify weaknesses, and improve the quality of hardware.

Tailormade product development regardless of unit numbers

With a holistic view informed by many years’ software and hardware development experience, we take ideas for custom electronic control units to the production line. What sets us apart is our ability to adapt the hardware to the given software functionalities and your unique needs. Count on us to assist you, flexibly in every project phase, in every sector, and always in line with your development status. As coauthors of the new intacs™ hardware standard, we have new insights and fresh impetus to share with you. And everything we develop is developed according to Hardware Engineering SPICE.

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