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ITK Healthcare Expert Days

15 – 26 April 2024 | Healthcare Event | Online

About the online event

Are you in charge of or directly involved in developing systems and software for medical devices? Do you have some engineering issues you wish to discuss with our experts? Perhaps you already have some specific questions in mind? Then don’t miss this opportunity to register for the ITK Healthcare Expert Days. Put your questions about developing medical devices, robots or digital health solutions to us. Cyber security, regulatory affairs,  AI – ask away if you want straight answers about these and other related topics.

Meet our experts in exclusive one-on-one sessions

Engineers from our business unit Healthcare will be delighted to talk to you in virtual 30-minute, one-on-one meetings.


  • Register soon if you are interested, indicating your topic of interest and specific questions on the registration form. You can choose up to two topics.
  • We will get back to you after your successful registration to suggest some times and dates. 
  • Sessions can be held in English or German, as you prefer.

Date & time

April 15 through 26, 2024

Online event conducted with MS Teams Sessions.

Dates and times will be arranged individually with you.

We are delighted to invite you to our ITK Healthcare Expert Days.

Benefit from our engineering skill-set and many years’ experience as an ISO 13485-certified development partner. Book a 30-minute session with our Healthcare engineers.

We look forward to your questions.

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ITK Inegnieur:innen entwickeln und testen die Software für Medizingeräte.

Medical devices

Infographic Medical Devices

From the inceptive idea to the product and beyond, our business unit Healthcare has been developing innovative medical devices for customers for 30 years now. Everything we do is done with passion and enthusiasm. What sets us apart is that our interdisciplinary teams are able to deliver turnkey systems – that is, the whole package of software, electronics and mechanics – from a single source.

Have you been struggling with system development issues? Do you have questions about specific methods and technologies that you wish to discuss with us?

Zwei Ingenieur:innen präsentieren ihre vielseitige Expertise in der Software- und Systementwicklung, die sich über verschiedene Branchen erstreckt – von Mobilität über Gesundheit bis hin zur Industrie. Zu unseren Kompetenzen zählen u.a. Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Künstliche Intelligenz, Computer Vision, Cloud Services, Verifizierung & Validierung sowie Steuergeräte-Entwicklung.

Robotic systems

Infographic Robotic Systmes

We know a great deal about medical devices, service robots and assistance systems. Making the most of our many years’ experience developing systems, our interdisciplinary robotics team quickly assess product ideas, develop complex algorithms and control systems and ramp up entire robotic systems for production.

Are you part of a team that develops robotic systems? Do you want to talk to us about specific methods, technologies or your ideas?

Eine Ingenieurin wertet die Ergebnisse des Eyetrackings für eine Digital Health App aus.

Digital health solutions

Infographic Digital Health

We support our customers through every phase of their efforts to develop a market-ready digital health solution – from embedded software, desktop and mobile apps, digital health applications and wearables. And we factor cyber security, data protection and certification issues into the equation from day one.

Are you developing a digital health solution and need an end-to-end security concept to protect your system from attacks? Or do you need support designing a product? Then let’s talk about your project.

Der ITK Entwicklungsingenieur arbeitet am Code für kundenspezifische Diagnostiklösungen.

Diagnostic solutions

Infographic Diagnostic solutions

As our customers’ engineering partner of choice, we expedite their efforts to develop standards-compliant diagnostic solutions for the laboratory, point of care and home care. To this end, we draw on innovative technologies and methods, and take a big-picture view that extends beyond the application to encompass risk management.

Do you develop diagnostic solutions? Would you like to get answers to your questions about developing systems, connecting information or automating processes?

Special expertise

3 Personen in einem Besprechungsraum

Regulatory affairs

Infographic Regulatory Affairs

Standards, rules, regulations: The healthcare industry certainly has plenty of challenges in store for new medical products. As our customers’ certified partner of choice, we share our knowledge, assisting from the start throughout the entire development process – true to the motto: “From practical experience for practical application.”

Do you need support in setting up an ISO 13485-compliant quality management system or in development – be it risk management according to ISO 14971 or software development according to IEC 62304? Then let’s talk about what’s on your mind.

Ein ITK Entwicklungsingenieur bei der Arbeit am Code für ein Cyber Security Projekt.

Cyber security

Infographic Cyber Security

Cyber security is not some voluntary exercise; it is a non-negotiable essential of the healthcare system’s digital transformation. Building on our expertise in cyber security and safety, we make sure medical products are protected. To this end, we take a holistic approach to cyber security to cover everything from conception, risk management and development through to verification, approval and post-market surveillance.

Do you need assistance with pentesting and CVE scanning? Or do you have questions about your security risk analysis? Then let’s talk.

Ein Ingenieur trägt eine Eyetracking-Brille und blickt auf sein Smartphone.

Interactive systems design

Infographic Interactive Systems Design

The design of a medical product is not about the cosmetics of user interfaces; it is about focusing on the core question: How do I build the product so it serves its purpose effectively and efficiently, yet still inspires and delights? Our understanding of systems enables us to see product design as part of the overall development process and we pursue a human-centered approach.

Are you developing a medical device and want to bring real users on board early in the process? Do you have questions about this user-first approach? Then let’s discuss human-centered design methods.

Zwei ITK Entwickler:innen tragen VR-Brillen und testen die virtuelle OP-Umgebung.

Augmented & virtual reality

Infographic Augmented & Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality technologies enable engineers to develop innovative solutions and products that advance the state of the art in healthcare. VR/AR can help train medical staff, analyze virtual prototypes in simulated clinical situations, maintain medical devices and more. Our end-to-end customer support encompasses every stage of development.

Do you need a VR simulation for your medical device? Would you like to enhance that product with AR technology? Then let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Zwei Ingenieur:innen diskutieren zum Thema Data Analytics und KI in der Medizintechnik anhand eines praktischen Beispiels.

Data analytics & AI

Infographic Data Analytics & AI

These days, AI-assisted technology is science fact in the medical and pharmaceuticals sectors. AI is seeing widespread use in research, diagnostics, drug development and image processing. The machine learning algorithm and code are but one small piece of the larger puzzle. We help our customers put their data strategy into practice and instill data analytics capabilities into their products in compliance with standards. This is how we bring the benefits of AI to their business in a value-adding, sustainable way.

Do you want to make the most of machine learning to analyze images, vital signs and device data? Or do you have questions about processing and analyzing your data or selecting suitable methods?

Ein Ingenieur entwickelt Software und arbeitet dazu an einem Laptop mit zwei Bildschirmen.

Modern software development

Infographic Modern Softwaredevelopment

Software developers’ path to a successful release is strewn with obstacles. It takes time and effort to fix bugs that go undetected for too long. Some issues can even jeopardize medical products’ market launch. Drawing on many years’ experience in collaborative and agile software development for medical devices, we help our customers apply state-of-the-art methods and tools to detect errors early and deliver stable releases.

Do you want to modernize your software development with open source assets, state-of-the-art tools, test-driven development and the latest language standards?

Zwei ITK Ingenieure diskutieren über modelbasierte Entwicklung.

Model-based development

Infographic Model-based Development

Model-driven software development is an efficient and standards-compliant way to create control software for medical use cases. Powerful tools serve to support the various development steps and ensure traceability and consistency throughout the process. The model-based approach to software development has always been one of the core competencies of ITK.

Are you facing an uphill challenge in your efforts to develop software for your medical device? Do you want to take advantage of model-driven development to get the project over this hump?

Drei ITK Kolleg:innen besprechen ein digitales Transformationsprojekt und legen die nächsten Schritte fest. In der Hand hält die Ingenieurin ein Tablet.

Digital transformation

Infographic Digital Transformation

Being passionate about digital technologies and trends and how they affect people, organizations and markets is part of our DNA. Drawing on a deep well of experience across a wide range of industries, we help companies prepare and pursue digital transformation projects and initiatives with strategic purpose and a holistic outlook.

Are you looking for a sparring partner for your digital transformation project? Do you want to talk to us about the key success factors for these projects? Or do you simply wish to engage in an open discussion?

Book your one-on-one session with our healthcare experts now!

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