Intelligent Charge Planner

The Intelligent Charge Planner is a B2B cloud service. Its integrated algorithm taps the power of artificial intelligence and multi-criteria optimization to provide a better way of planning and optimizing electric vehicle battery-charging to benefit the driver, fleet operator, and energy producer.

Intelligent Charge Planner

How the Intelligent Charge Planner works

When the ICP searches for the best-choice charging station, it can factor its geographical position, electricity rates, and queue time into equation – and in real time at that. The Intelligent Charge Planner is compatible with common navigation devices and routing apps. It links battery charge planning with smart grids’ current status to consider variables such as peaks grid loads for renewable energies.

Multi-criteria optimization for smart charging

The Intelligent Charge Planner draws on the available vehicle, environmental, infrastructural, and traffic data to optimize charge planning. It takes into account the conflicting interests of all stakeholders in the e-mobility ecosystem.

Infographic: Multi-criteria optimization for smart charging

Focus on user-centric aspects

The Intelligent Charge Planner enables e-car drivers to reach their destination in a cost-effective way. Not only that, it also cuts costs, spares the battery, and reduces energy consumption. A major stepping stone towards more convenient and attractive electromobility, its everyday ease-of-use makes a more persuasive case for public acceptance. And that public endorsement helps improve the carbon footprint to benefit our planet.

The planning algorithm was written with Pareto efficiency in mind. This multi-objective optimization mechanism gives simultaneous and equal weight to the following user-centric aspects:

Nikita Shchekutin

The Intelligent Charge Planner helps make electric vehicles even more suitable for everyday use, and dispels doubts about range, charging infrastructure, and operating costs.

Dr. Nikita Shchekutin, Product Manager ICP ITK Engineering GmbH

Proof of concept with partners

The first prototype of the Intelligent Charge Planner was successfully integrated into a well-known routing app as part of a joint development project. By using the app, users benefit from charging options that are optimized for several customer-oriented aspects at the same time. The Intelligent Charge Planner’s proof of concept was also successfully completed in fleet management systems and thus makes an important economic and ecological contribution to the future of electromobility.


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Multi-criteria algorithms for personalized routing

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A tool for drivers, providers, and grid operators

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Makes a more persuasive case for everyday e-vehicle use

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