From the 6-joint robot arm to smart agriculture

#ITKolleagues Cover: Thomas Kinzig, Embedded Software Engineer

I am an embedded software engineer at ITK

I am working on a system that will revolutionize agriculture. Our software enables efficient and environmentally conscious field management worldwide. Precise identification of plants in fields and automated application of weed killers in the right places are possible thanks to our technology. This approach is in my opinion an essential step towards sustainable agriculture of the future.

Thomas Kinzig, Embedded Software Engineer

Inspired by ASIMO: My journey to becoming a robotics expert 

When I was eleven years old, the humanoid robot ASIMO visited my hometown Luxembourg, which sparked my passion for robotics. The result: a robotics degree in Edinburgh, a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in Berlin, and later an electrical engineering master’s degree in Aachen. On my journey, I approached robotics from many different angles – from modeling mechatronic systems to programming microcontrollers to kinematic motion planning of a 6-joint robotic arm. In the end, I was most fascinated by software engineering. 

With ITK, I associate the opportunity to work on the groundbreaking technologies of tomorrow – in a wide variety of sectors.

Thomas Kinzig, Embedded Software Engineer

The reason why I chose ITK?

ITK offers me the opportunity to work on projects in various sectors, such as automotive, rail and medical technology and to contribute to innovative technologies. The atmosphere is also cordial – just like at university – and at the same time very professional. Everyone is on first-name basis, everyone works at eye level, and hierarchies can only be found in the organizational chart. That’s why the exchange with my team on site is irreplaceable. Honestly, I’m glad to get a freshly cooked meal in the canteen at lunchtime. After all, self-made spaghetti with cold sauce can be monotonous in the long run. 

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