From codes to cultures – The diversity of software engineering

#ITKolleagues Cover: Shintaro Oizumi, Software Engineer

From coding to testing.

In my role as a software engineer at ITK, I’ve had the opportunity to work on diverse projects, from healthcare to an upcoming collaboration with Bosch in the automotive sector. As a software engineer, I delve deeply into coding in some projects, while other projects have me focusing on testing and documentation, crucial for software verification. This diversity in my tasks – coding, designing, verifying, and the essential paperwork – keeps my job exciting every day. And seeing my work evolve into products used by many is incredibly rewarding.

Shintaro Oizumi, Software Engineer

Cultural synergy – Working at ITK Japan.

The Japanese work culture is known for its dedication and extended hours, where it’s not uncommon for us to work until late in the evening, driven by a deep commitment to completing our tasks. However, at ITK, there is a more balanced and welcoming environment.

Our team stands out with its diverse workforce, with colleagues from India, Indonesia, Germany, and China, and more. This melting pot of cultures and perspectives is quite distinct from many traditional Japanese companies. We are part of a global ITK family, where we all contribute to a common goal while embracing our different cultural backgrounds. This mix of perspectives and experiences is what makes working at ITK in Tokyo so rewarding, both professionally and personally.

The culture at ITK Japan is open, dynamic and fosters a close-knit community, emphasizing collaboration and collegiality among the team.

Shintaro Oizumi, Software Engineer, together with colleagues

Climbing cultures: From sushi to potato salad.

Working at ITK Germany in 2023 not only opened my eyes to the company’s significant size but also strengthened my bonds with colleagues and enhanced my appreciation for ITK’s culture. The office culture in Germany was refreshingly collaborative, with regular team events and after-work activities that brought us all closer. This approach to team interaction was something I embraced and later introduced to my colleagues back in Japan.

But the real highlight was sharing my passion for bouldering with colleagues. We’d plan trips to local climbing spots, which turned into great opportunities for us to bond. Every climb helped us grow closer, not only as colleagues working together but as friends enjoying an adventure. This mix of working closely with my colleagues on projects and building real friendships outside of the office is what really made my time in Germany unforgettable.

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