Michael Englert und sein Nachfolger Frank Schmidt

Changing of the guard at ITK Engineering: CEO steps down after 27 years

05.10.2021 | Pressrelease

Michael Englert, founder and CEO of ITK Engineering GmbH, will retire at the end of the 2021 after 27 years with the company. Dr. Frank Schmidt, to date a member of the Bosch Engineering GmbH management board, is to succeed the outgoing CEO on October 1. The company will continue to focus on its long-term goals of pursuing growth abroad, diversifying to tap into new sectors, and digitalizing engineering.

Michael Englert founded Ingenieurbüro für technische Kybernetik, today known as ITK Engineering GmbH, 27 years ago in the southern Palatinate town of Kuhardt. This small, highly specialized engineering office started out in a 20 square-meter room in the basement of his home. Today, the company employs some 1,300 people at several international locations. Englert is now going to part ways with the Ruelzheim-based technology company when he retires at the end of the year. His successor Dr. Frank Schmidt, a member of the Bosch Engineering GmbH (BEG) management board since 2016, will take over on October 1, 2021.

ITK Engineering joined the Bosch Group four years ago

The takeover by Robert Bosch GmbH in 2017 was an important step in the company’s history. ITK Engineering has since been an independent brand within the world’s leading technology company. These close ties to Bosch will continue to figure prominently in the company’s future. Schmidt knows the Bosch Group well, having served it for 25 years in various functions. He will remain a member of the BEG management board in his new role as CEO of ITK Engineering GmbH.

Michael Englert, Gründer ITK Engineering GmbH

More than a quarter of a century ago, my vision was to instill intelligence in machines and systems. I’m very proud of the fact that this has resulted in an international software and development service provider that today draws on a vast knowledge base of methods in embedded systems, cloud computing, cyber security, and the like

Michael Englert, Founder ITK Engineering GmbH

A perfect fit for the job

ITK Engineering is all about putting the most advanced methods to work to solve very complex problems for customers in various lines of business. “With that in mind, Frank Schmidt is the perfect choice of person to lead ITK,” says Englert. “His many years’ experience in the international automotive business developing everything from components to entire systems and his expertise in digitalizing engineering will be crucial to helping us pursue our strategic goals, successfully and persistently,” says Englert.

On course for continued growth

Schmidt aims to focus on several objectives. “Of course, we want to expand our footprint in our legacy automotive, railroad, and medical technology sectors,” he says. “But we also want to branch out into new lines of business and tap additional markets abroad. The opening of our office in China in mid-August is a first step towards gaining a foothold in the Asian market.” Digitalization also plays a key role. ITK remains a pioneer in model-based development. These techniques and skills provide the underpinning for designing faster, more flexible working methods and processes to drive digital transformation and help customers make this transition.

I very much look forward to this new challenge, n the course of Bosch’s integration of ITK Engineering, I was able to see the strengths and great potential of this company over the past four years. And I am confident that we will continue the success story in a globally dynamic growth market.

Frank Schmidt, CEO ITK Engineering GmbH

A farewell to a lifetime achievement

A change of management after a quarter of a century marks a milestone for ITK Engineering. The occasion is no less momentous for Englert. Looking back over these past decades, he says, “The company is my life’s work. Letting go is not easy. Yet I’m also looking forward to a new stage in my life where many other things await me.” Englert will leave ITK Engineering on December 31, 2021. However, he remains committed to promoting entrepreneurship in the region, for example, in his role as chairman of the board of Technologie-Netzwerk Südpfalz.

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