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Personalized, agile product development

Smart products and innovations are figuring ever more prominently in our day-to-day lives. As your engineering partner of choice, we engage in innovation and help you actualize your ideas. From pre-development and prototyping to support for the market-ready product, everything we do for you is done in an agile, collaborative way.

We are here to accompany you throughout the development cycle.

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Moving from an idea to a mass-manufactured product

Tech support for pre-development

Agile collaboration in series development

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Success Story

Smart Textiles

Our developers turn ideas for smart textile solutions into mass-manufactured products. Based on Bosch’s patented integration and housing design and optimized for various use cases, these solutions are a symbiosis of flexible substrates and high tech.

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Cyber security engineering for smart products

Security and hacking risks rise with increasingly connected smart products. We draw on a deep well of expertise in cyber security engineering to help you develop secure connected products.

IoT Device

Success Story

Agile development of a complex IoT device

The First Mover project sets an example for initiatives aimed to ramp up production in a new market segment. This project team pursued three concurrent paths of agile development:

  • Evolutionary PoC (rapid prototyping)
  • Transfer to small-batch production line
  • Certification sample

Transforming innovative ideas into products Agile. Tailored to fit. Professional.

Drawing on our end-to-end engineering expertise and cross-sector skill-set, we can help you bring your future-ready ideas to fruition. Smart robot vacuum cleaners, speakers, or sportswear – anything that can accommodate intelligence goes. Making the most of innovative technologies and agile development methods and collaborative models, we team up with you to transform your idea into a viable business proposition that will help shape the smart world of tomorrow.

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