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Personalized and agile smart product development

Smart products and innovations are a combination of connected components, from physical embedded devices to applications on a laptop or tablet to solutions in the cloud. As an engineering partner, we support you in the realization of your ideas, whether in predevelopment, prototype development or in series production.

Customized solutions in all disciplines of digital engineering

Do you want to implement your ideas fast with proven concepts while making no compromises on quality? Or would you like to develop a tailor-made solution – completely customized to your requirements? No matter what you prefer, you can rely on us to support you with the expertise you need.

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Embedded Systems

Embedded systems play a critical role in IoT by providing the computing power and data storage necessary to make IoT devices intelligent and autonomous. Here, ITK develops real-time capable Systems including all disciplines of hardware and software development.

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Cloud solutions

The cloud provides the infrastructure and platform for data collection, analysis, and application development. we support you with cloud service development, cloud configuration, setup of an infrastructure, pipeline development and migration.

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Multi-platform applications

Ability to develop for desktop, mobile & web is essential for IoT solutions, enabling businesses to access & control devices from any location using familiar tools and interfaces. ITK develops your solution innovative applications that can take advantage of the unique capabilities of IoT devices.

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Data-driven development

Data-driven development is an agile concept in which development decisions are made based on data and analysis. It includes the use of data to gain a better understanding of product usage and behavior and uses this information to efficiently control the development of products or services as well as decision-making processes. We support you from the data strategy to the set-up of the data infrastructure and the embedding of artificial intelligence in the end product.

From idea to realization

We help you bring your product to life with cutting-edge technologies and our methodological expertise. Based on a scalable, reliable and future-proof system that supports the seamless operation and growth of your product.

Localize and sharpen the product journey

Prototyping and functional innovations for your successful solution

Distinct systems engineering methods for cutting edge services

Standard-compliant, secure and future-proof

We develop individual solutions taking into account the applicable standards as well as the specific standards and certification guidelines of your industry. Our comprehensive and established process landscape guarantees excellent software quality and the integration of cyber security and safety for the highest demands. This makes your solution a perfect fit and future-proof, both in functional and non-functional terms.

Collaboration models

Our collaboration models are as unique as your product, tailored to your specific needs. We offer a range of options, from 1:1 support to complete end-to-end product development. Alternatively, we can assemble a team of experts in an agile team to work on your product vision. No matter which option you choose, we are committed to finding the best solution for your project.

Infographic for exemplary collaboration models
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Smart Packing

Every day, millions of items are prepared for delivery in distribution centers. Checking for the right items and quantities can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This costs money and jeopardizes customer satisfaction. Choose our Smart Packing solution to reduce errors, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase productivity.

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Security engineering for smart products

Designed to protect the EU market from insecure products, the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) now holds vendors more accountable.  We can help you incorporate the CRA’s stipulations into your product development process and capitalize on cyber security to gain the competitive edge.

IoT Device

Success Story

Agile development of a complex IoT device

The First Mover project sets an example for initiatives aimed to ramp up production in a new market segment. This project team pursued three concurrent paths of agile development:

  • Evolutionary PoC (rapid prototyping)
  • Transfer to small-batch production line
  • Certification sample
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Success Story

Smart Textiles

Our developers turn ideas for smart textile solutions into mass-manufactured products. Based on Bosch’s patented integration and housing design and optimized for various use cases, these solutions are a symbiosis of flexible substrates and high tech.

Transforming innovative ideas into products Agile. Tailored to fit. Professional.

Smart and connected home appliances or intelligent industrial machines – with our broad End2End engineering expertise and cross-industry know-how, we can help you bring your future-ready products and innovations to fruition. In doing so, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies as well as agile development methods and collaboration models. Count on us to make the most of state-of-the art technologies, agile development methods, and collaborative models to your best benefit. Let us join forces, putting your ideas into action to propel our world towards a smarter tomorrow.

Unsolved challenges? We look forward to your inquiry.

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