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Industrial Solutions tailored to fit your production line

What our industrial solutions can do for you: Serving as your holistic partner, we develop and integrate end-to-end solutions for tomorrow’s factory and execute Industry 4.0 projects.

Our custom manufacturing solutions cover every aspect of the smart factory from production scheduling to test benches and connectivity. Our holistic portfolio caters to both solution providers and solution users.

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Your end-to-end development partner for smart factory solutions

Production data strategy: Tapping the potential of data

Quality 4.0 – data analysis to boost manufacturing quality

Retrofitting: Gearing machines up for digitalization

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Factory simulation

As your engineering partner of choice, we can map your entire value chain to digital twins, help you pinpoint bottlenecks, and optimize the design of your processes throughout the factory or for individual machines and systems. Drawing on the results of our simulation, we will work with you to develop solutions that boost productivity.

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Test benches

Turnkey component test benches, steering test benches, test systems to enable 24-hour operation: no matter what type of test bench our engineers are tasked to design, data management and data storage are always a top priority. This reduces your maintenance costs, facilitates traceability in the event of quality issues, and enables efficient rendering of many different variants.

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Harmonizing the IT landscape

It takes quite a bit of day-to-day manual effort to operate factories’ heterogeneous IT landscapes, many of which have evolved over time. Making the most of agile methods and our experts’ talent for tailoring solutions to fit, we apply our harmonization strategy to optimize a variety of use cases for you.

Insight into a Smart Factory

Live Event

Guided Tours

Join us for a guided tour of a Bosch plant to experience Industry 4.0 up close. Our 4.0 experts will take you through the plant, sharing exclusive insights into this real-world implementation of Industry 4.0. Talk to other companies and our experts about the path to digitalization. We will be delighted to share our experiences with you, pointing out the successes achieved and obstacles encountered along the way. And most importantly, we will show you how to successfully digitalize your manufacturing and logistics.

Optimizing production lines Tailored to fit. Secure. Connected.

Digitalization and connectivity are essential to maximizing productivity. Our experts know how to make the most of legacy data and analyze new data to markedly improve the manufacturing chain. As your go-to engineering partner for bespoke manufacturing solutions, we can help you transform your production line into a smart factory that benefits your business.

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