Skills spanning many racing series

We adapt to your needs and challenges to bring our cross-racing experience to your project and develop solutions tailored to your competition, be it Le Mans, Formula E, DTM, IMSA, Blancpain, or drone races. 

10 years Motorsports @ ITK

ITK Engineering – vendor-independent and solution-agnostic

When we set out to develop your solution, we are at liberty to proceed independently of any manufacturer and unbound by any exclusive rights. Your road to success is paved with our support, regardless of the racing series, team, hardware, or software environment. As our track record attests, we have been operating independently in motorsports for more than ten years:

A firm grasp of methods for lean, efficient development of custom solutions

Our goal for more than 25 years has been to instill intelligence in machines. We do this for cars, boats, airplanes, racing cars, scooters, and even drones. Our knowledge of methods spans many lines of business. This skill-set enables us to tame complexity with intelligent algorithms. We also serve the racing community, where our focus on efficient, lean development of custom solutions ensures results are delivered on target and fit for purpose. Our experts thrive under the pressure of this fast-moving development environment to satisfy customers’ time, budget, and quality demands.

The entire mobility sector is in a state of flux; digitalization is an invitation to change. We want to make the most of this change in motorsports. Not only that, we also want to be pioneers for the entire mobility community with our innovative ideas for the race track. The fast pace of this sport accelerates the testing of concepts in a tough environment, with racing teams becoming hotbeds of innovation. We want to put concepts, projects, and ideas into practice with you to get you first to the finish line!

Sven Wergandt, Head of Business Unit Motorsport


Confidentiality is our top priority when we collaborate with customers. With this primacy in mind, we deploy our team selectively to serve just one customer to cover the entire development process. Rest assured, your information is safe with us. Our alliance with you is exclusive – we always transfer all IP rights and the source code to you. This is all part our WhiteBox approach, which goes to assure utmost confidentiality throughout the development process.


Icon Entwicklungsprozesse

Lean development tailored to fit

Icon Lösungskoffer

Independence of vendors and solutions

Confidentiality comes first

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