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Electronic system replaces paper chaos: Germersheim chooses RescueWave® for use in emergency response

System solution digitalizes procedures in life-threatening situations
District council unanimously approves use of RescueWave®

The digital RescueWave® system, a product jointly developed by ITK Engineering, VOMATEC Innovations GmbH and antwortING Beratende Ingenieure PartGmbB, will in the future help emergency response teams in the administrative district of Germersheim, in Germany’s Rhine valley, to coordinate interventions more efficiently and to get medical attention to seriously injured persons faster. For the past two years, several local disaster response units have been field testing this completely innovative, life-saving system, with positive results: now the Germersheim district council has voted unanimously to deploy RescueWave® throughout the whole district comprising the city of Germersheim and surrounding communities.

“In emergency medicine, the time factor can make all the difference between life and death or permanent injury. There’s nothing better than RescueWave® when it comes to minimizing lost time and incomplete information when responding to mass casualty incidents: It moves disaster response into the digital age, revolutionizing and accelerating procedures for documenting victims, the severity of their injuries and allocating suitable transportation to the appropriate hospitals,” observes Chief Emergency Physician (LNA) spokesman Dr. Matthias Wölfel. In the past, all this information had to be recorded by hand on a triage card for each patient. The RescueWave® system replaces triage cards with wireless pendant transmitters that capture medical, personal and organizational data as well as the victim’s exact location. The transmitters then send the data in real time to all coordinators and decision-makers in a clearly readable visual format. RescueWave® revolutionizes the systematic processing of victims at a mass casualty incident in terms of both speed and prioritization.

District administrator Dr. Fritz Brechtel is very happy with the council’s decision: “RescueWave® will enable us to improve our disaster response capacity across the board. Not only can RescueWave® be used when dealing with mass casualty incidents, it can also be used to capture and transmit important situational data, for example in life-threatening events such as terror attacks or mass shootings, fire department missions involving missing persons and missions on the Rhine river. This whole project is an excellent example of collaboration between local companies, district administration and the volunteer sector. It illustrates how people can truly benefit from technological progress,” says district administrator Brechtel.

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