Sportwagen AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE auf der Straße

Mercedes-AMG and ITK Engineering join forces for an electric future in mobility

07.12.2022 | Press Release

Mercedes-AMG and ITK Engineering have been collaborating closely for two years to electrify vehicles. The aim is to efficiently drive this transition to e-mobility with intelligent software and innovative development methods. Now a major milestone has been reached: The first AMG performance hybrid series has arrived with the rollout of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE four-door coupe.

In spring of 2021, Mercedes-AMG unveiled its E PERFORMANCE technology label. Featuring a smart combination of an internal combustion engine up front and an electric drive unit at the rear of the vehicle, these hybrid electric drives are to achieve unprecedented dynamic performance and efficiency based on technology developed for Formula 1 racing. And ITK Engineering is on board for the ride. The engineering and development service provider has been working with Mercedes-AMG since early 2020 to take powertrain electrification to the next level. 

ITK Engineering, strategic partner for powertrain, chassis, and electrical system

“Developing concepts for high-performance, efficient powertrains is crucial to advancing electromobility,” says the responsible Senior Manager at AMG eDrive. “Our efforts toward this end also benefit from the close cooperation with ITK Engineering and its wealth of expertise in powertrains, chassis, and electrical systems.” AMG draws on ITK Engineering’s wide range of services throughout the V-model development process for everything from requirements engineering and function development to software integration and full-scale validation. The latter also entails creating and implementing functional safety concepts and virtualizing ECUs for use in driving simulators. The first leg of this journey has now culminated in a landmark achievement – the release of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE four-door coupe.

Portrait Dr. Frank Schmidt

After two years’ collaboration, we’re proud to be part of this successful market launch. This shows that AMG’s great faith in our digital engineering experience is paying off.

Dr. Frank Schmidt, CEO ITK Engineering

ITK and AMG have been working hand in hand on drives for years

“We’re all working to set new standards with a powerful combination of e-mobility, performance, sporty handling, and environmental sustainability. Together, we’ve made good progress, but our journey is far from over”, says ITK Engineering CEO Frank Schmidt. This latest collaboration is rooted in a partnership of long standing. ITK has been putting its knowledge and deep insight into software development methods at AMG’s disposal for more than ten years in joint projects aimed to develop innovative, highly dynamic drives, the most recent of which have been hybrids. “ITK Engineering has a profound understanding of systems and had already been involved in the first AMG performance hybrid vehicles’ development in the early prototyping stage,” says the AMG Senior Manager.

Sportwagen AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE in der Garage

Great agility in joint projects

The way these companies work together is also critically important. The dynamically evolving demands in the field of electromobility impose limitations on planning, which is why the partners pursue an agile approach to collaboration. “This agility is crucial for the transformation toward electromobility to succeed,” says Schmidt. “It gives both sides great flexibility and freedom. The development process can be quickly adapted if certain conditions or requirements change.” This flexibility will also enable the partners to continue co-authoring the success story of electromobility.

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Spokesperson Dr. Uli Kreutzer

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