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ITK Engineering Among Germany’s Most Sought-after Employers

F.A.Z.-Institut acknowledges the development partner’s good employer performance and positive corporate culture

ITK Engineering ranks among the top three most popular employers in Germany.

ITK Engineering ranks among the top three most popular employers in Germany in the technical services category. A major study conducted by the F.A.Z.-Institut in cooperation with the IMWF Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung [Institute for Management and Business Research] came to this conclusion. The study reviewed 350 million online sources from 5,000 German companies in 132 sectors to assess statements made about five corporate reputation factors – profitability, management, products and services, as well as sustainability. These online sources date from January 1, 2015, to June 30, 2018. The study was conducted under the auspices of Prof. Werner Sarges, one of the leading scientists and consultants on management aptitude testing.

“We are delighted with this distinction and the recognition for our work. The satisfaction of your workforce and the reputation you have earned on the market are two key factors for successful growth, as companies with a poor reputation find it hard to recruit staff,” says Sylvia Stiasny, Head of Human Resources at ITK Engineering.

In times when skilled workers are in short supply and full employment is a realistic prospect, job applicants are looking for more from an employer than merely a good salary and the right career opportunities. Soft factors such as the work climate, working conditions and job security figure far more prominently in an individual’s choice of employer (see the population survey Beruf und Karriere 2017). This was the premise for the study entitled “Deutschlands begehrteste Arbeitgeber” [Germany’s Most Sought-after Employers], which reviews and assesses statements in German Internet texts about the five aforementioned reputation factors. It focuses mainly on employer performance indicators, with the underlying assumption being that companies with a good reputation find it easier to attract sought-after specialists.

Researchers evaluated 143 million news pages, 123 million web pages, 24 million forums, 42 million blogs, 7 million press releases, 7 million consumer pages, and the key social media channels of 5,000 German companies in 132 sectors of industry. ITK Engineering took a very respectable third place among the most sought-after employers in the technical services category. Asked to explain this outstanding ranking, Stiasny says, “Our company is particularly strong as a team. And we do see ourselves as a team that enjoys the work. The individual is important to us and this notion is firmly embedded in our corporate culture. What’s more, an open feedback culture is incredibly important, as no employee should have any inhibitions about approaching his or her supervisor. We also make the choices as to the place of work as flexible as possible. Company parties and other recreational activities strengthen the bonds between people and are seen to be enriching at ITK Engineering. So the right work-life balance is very important – for employees’ satisfaction, for the individual’s performance, and for the company’s development.”

ITK Engineering is always seeking engineers and scientists with electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, mathematics, medical technology, or physics credentials – particularly people specializing in embedded systems, software engineering, mechatronics, control engineering, or automotive engineering – for all ten locations in Germany.

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