Audits and Assessments

Checking for compliance with domain-specific standards: We support your audits and assessments with our expertise and practical experience to ensure standard-compliant development.

ITK Engineering – your go-to partner for audits and assessments

Development processes have to factor standards for quality, functional safety, and cyber security into the equation. ITK Engineering reviews your development practices to see how they measure up against domain-specific standards. Drawing on our findings, we then optimize your processes. Our experts work with yours to focus our efforts on your company’s specific requirements. We can zoom in on select aspects of functional safety, cyber security, and maturity models such as ASPICE individually, or analyze it all collectively. Assessments can focus on a product, the procedures for select projects, organizational processes, or on suppliers. That’s why we are your go-to partner when it comes to assessments and audits. In a safety or security assessment, we evaluate the technical implementation of your projects or products (safety from ASIL C). In a safety or security audit, we evaluate your processes. A valid audit certificate is a requirement for safety-critical and standard-compliant development.

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Ensuring standards-compliant processes

Drawing on an extensive set of methods-driven engineering skills, we help you rise to your unique challenges. Call on us for whatever support you need, be it advice on defining processes, help putting procedures into practice, or assessments to assure compliance with standards.

Optimizing toolchains

Software tools and toolchains also have to comply with the given requirements. Let us team up to evaluate your tools or define a software toolchain tailored to your needs with these rules in mind.

Assessments / Audits:
– Conduct standards-compliant reviews (e.g. ISO 26262, ISO R155, ISO/SAE 21434, Automotive SPICE / ASPICE)
– Certified assessors

Gap analysis:
– Identification of vulnerabilities
– Recommendation of optimizations, if you wish

Status Quo analysis:
– Evaluation of current practices
– To gain the insight needed to define processes

A combined view of safety, security, and ASPICE

We support your product development efforts by taking a unified view of all relevant standards. Rather than having to prepare for and execute multiple projects, all the teams involved benefit from the synergetic effects of a single collective approach that addresses several aspects. That saves you time and effort.

Our references

Safety assessments and audits

Automotive SPICE assessments and audits

Security assessments and audits


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Certified and experienced assessors/auditors

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Working in partnership

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Cross-domain know how

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