Grid Optimization Manager

The Grid Optimization Manager (GOM) is a software solution engineered to enable predictive and preventive grid management based on state-of-the-art forecasting and pattern detection. A platform solution, the GOM features open standards to facilitate integration for open and closed distribution network operators and metering point providers. It furnishes the tools to supply energy in an intelligent, reliable, and sustainable way.

The software solution for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing energy flows

The Grid Optimization Manager is your platform solution for managing energy flows in the energy system. Do wish to gain transparent insight into your energy system? Pinpoint potential savings and anomalies in consumption and operating performance? Optimize energy flows with comprehensive analyses and reliable forecasts? This assistance system can do all this for manufacturing companies, open and closed distribution network operators, and charging point providers.

One platform, multiple use cases

Wind turbines on the hill, Wind farm, aerial drone view. Green ecological power energy generation. Alternative energy plant, blue cloudy sky, Greece
Wind turbines on the hill, Wind farm, aerial drone view. Green ecological power energy generation. Alternative energy plant, blue cloudy sky, GreeceWind turbines, renewable energy on a green hill. Wind farm

Exiting from fossil fuels – a tricky transition

More and more distributed power generators and consumers are connecting to grids. This complicates the task of maintaining secure, reliable service. Operators have to have transparent insight into the grid to manage bidirectional power flows and volatile renewables, and tackle the increasingly difficult task of forecasting feed-in and consumption levels. The sensors in place today and the smart meters that are being rolled out can help solve this problem – that is, if operators have the tools to fully tap the resulting potential.

Our soultion: Fokus on the essentials

The Grid Optimization Manager (GOM) processes the readings taken by grid sensors within the energy system. Our software solution can track power generation and consumption in real time, and process and evaluate this data automatically to suit your needs. An end-to-end analysis of all plants enables you to pinpoint opportunities to conserve energy, reduce peak loads, and optimize energy flows.

One tool, many benefits

Transparent. Efficient. Cost-efficient. Our modules for your energy system

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Monitoring in real-time

Monitor power generation, consumption, and quality in real time. Track standards compliance and individual benchmarks

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Anomalies detection

Proactively manage outages and detect atypical consumption and operating behavior

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Reliable forecasts

Forecast energy feed-in and consumption accurately for more efficient operations and unprecedented degrees of freedom

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Insightful analyses

Identify savings potentials by automatically processing and evaluating readings to suit your needs

Smart thinking: Holzkirchen Collaboration Campus uses the GOM

Our software solution brings the benefits of transparency to the Bosch Engineering and ITK Engineering Collaboration Campus at Holzkirchen. Its energy flows can now be optimized with this ability to track power generation and consumption. More than 80 sensors were connected to provide a holistic view of all power generators and consumers in the closed distribution network. Their readings help pinpoint energy conservation potential, reduce the power bill, and contribute to the greater goal of curbing carbon emissions.

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