Future Energy Management

Custom solutions for everything from conceptualization to operation: The exit from fossil fuels is giving rise to increasingly complex energy systems. No wonder – this new breed of grid has to accommodate more and more distributed power generators and consumers, as well as integrate and coordinate diverse energy sources. All those trees make it hard to see the forest. If you want to identify potential for optimizing your energy supply, you need to get a big-picture of view the entire ecosystem.

Infographic Energy Systems

Count on our team to guide you through the thicket. Let us help you plan and design the right solution, develop and integrate individual components, and build an optimized energy system that is ready to tackle future challenges. Drawing on a deep well of cross-industry, methods-driven expertise, we develop custom software solutions and deliver digital, sustainable energy systems for many lines of business and a wide range of use cases, including industrial grids, open and closed distribution networks, ports, and charging parks.

Our solutions focus on the essentials.

Energiesysteme Digital Twin

Digital Energy Twin

A digital energy twin affords you insight into your system and provides the tools you need to connect and coordinate power generation, consumption, storage, and distribution.
Taking a data-driven approach, we begin by capturing all data points for objects in the energy system. Then we analyze this information to discern how these objects relate and interact. After determining current energy consumption and weighing your options for sourcing and storing renewable energy, we create a virtual system to suit your situation.
Furnished with real-time data, this digital twin is a self-optimizing system that can not only simulate scenarios, but also learn on the fly.

The value-adding benefits of a digital twin are many. It can help you:
– Make informed investment decisions
– Cut costs by continuously optimizing operations
– Validate designs
– Conduct predictive maintenance

Our approach was awarded the MCN CUP 2023 in the category digitalization of the maritime economy.

Grid Optimization Manager - Bildschirm

Grid Optimization Manager

Our stand-alone platform enables you to monitor, analyze, and optimize your energy system. 
The software processes real-time sensor data and automatically evaluates it according to your requirements. The platform can be customized and extended to meet your specific needs.

Energiesysteme Batterie

Battery management solutions

Batteries are sure to figure prominently in tomorrow’s complex energy systems. A well-designed battery management system provides monitoring capabilities and smart control features to keep those batteries safe, healthy, and efficient for many tomorrows to come.
Drawing on 15+ years’ experience developing battery management systems (BMS), we have the skills and insight to support you throughout the development process. And when future challenges emerge, we will be there to tackle them with you.

Call on us for help with all this and more:
– System and software concepts focusing on safety aspects
– Battery health monitoring (temperature, voltage, current)
– SOC and SOH simulation and algorithm development
– Battery communication interfaces and diagnostics
– Battery in the cloud
– Data analytics and machine learning
– Cell behavior anomalies

What we can do to enhance your energy system:

Icon smarter Laptop

Furnish a digital energy twin

Icon Analyse Bildschrim

Deliver monitoring, analytics, & AI-based optimization capabilities

Icon Daten

Provide battery management

Team up with us to optimize your energy flows. Our software solution is your gateway to creating transparency, cutting your energy costs, and achieving carbon reduction goals.

Come discover what our solutions can do for you.

Exclusive whitepaper

Future-ready neighborhood energy management

A decentralized energy supply in neighborhoods (as a form of structured urban development) enables largely self-sufficient and cost-effective operation – under the condition of intelligent planning and utilization. Discover in our white paper how software can be very beneficial during both the building and operating phases.

Illustration: Elektroauto wird Zuhause mit Solarstrom geladen


Frau startet Ladevorgang an einer Ladesäule in einem Quartier
Progressive businesswoman insert charger plug from charging station to her electric vehicle with apartment condo building in background. Eco friendly rechargeable car powered by sustainable energy