Software platform: Development of control software of a modular train propulsion system

We used a modular software platform for the standard-compliant development of a control software for a modular, variant-rich train propulsion system.

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The challenge: Develop standards-compliant control software for a modular system

We created various end-customer-specific versions of software for a modular propulsion system’s central control unit. This control software serves to manage and monitor individual components’ statuses (incl. error handling), request and distribute power, and more. This makes the control unit the main interface between modular drive system and entire vehicle.

MTU Powerpack
Copyright: Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG

From managing software requirements to meeting with assessors

Our ITK CENELEC reference workflow serves us well when we set out to develop software in compliance with standards and with approval in mind. We support our customer throughout all development phases of the V-model including the validation of the finished software.

Infographic ITK Cenelec Reference Workflow

The solution: A modular software platform that proved to be an important success factor

Taking an iterative, incremental approach to development, we developed and efficiently validated, assessed, and homologated these many variants of complex software systems by means of software platforms. Our priorities were threefold: Set up and pursue this platform-based method consistently throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. Embed a two-tiered approach across the software development process. And select the proper tools and methods to largely automate workflows and thereby boost efficiency. We accomplished these aims with

Quoter Robert Hoerauf

To manage the complexity of a software platform, we have to consider the ‘lowest common denominator’ for different variants of components so as to reuse as many software parts as possible

Robert Hoerauf, Technical Project Lead

The added value: Greater flexibility, lower costs, faster time to market

Our platform-based approach enables us to create software for many system manifestations. The modularity makes it easy to adapt this software to deliver end-customer-specific variants – usually, this involves only a few components. The use of “pre-validated” building blocks from the platform reduces the effort required to validate the specific software. Optimizing the software development, assessment, and approval effort accelerates time to market for new end-customer variants and significantly reduces average lifecycle costs over the medium term.


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Standards-compliant & flexible software systems from a single source

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Product variant & complexity management

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Optimized lifecycle costs

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