Saving lives with RescueWave®

RescueWave® enables rescue services to rapidly get a system-assisted real-time picture of disasters and mass accidents.

Infografik RescueWave unterstützt beim Massenunfall

The challenge: Action has to come fast in the event of a disaster

Whether it’s a train accident, a terrorist attack or a pileup – every second counts in emergency situations with many injured people. Until now the standard operating procedure for first responders is to categorize patients with color-coded triage tags. Since the cards are made of paper, the emergency management team is faced with the challenge of generating a structured operational plan for rescue forces. It takes too much time to get an accurate overview of the situation. RescueWave® helps by providing situational information and facilitating rescue forces’ efforts to register patients, organize transportation, and more.

Rettungssanitäter hält RescueNode in der Hand

A developer alliance

This life-saving system was developed in collaboration with the safety and rescue experts of VOMATEC Innovations and antworING Beratende Ingenieure.

The solution: A digital system to replace piles of paperwork

This digital solution for efficient operational command and control supports rescue forces in crisis situations every step of the way, from getting a picture in the initial phase when chaos reigns supreme to providing first aid to the injured and on to organizing transportation. Electronic triage devices called Rescue.Nodes are attached to injured parties for these casualties to be automatically registered and located via GPS. The device reports the triage category, the exact position, and the transportation priority level to the network. Our systems engineering expertise flowed into the Rescue.Node’s industrial design, electronics, and manufacturing. The brief for this project was to

Patient mit Rescue Node

RescueWave® is an innovative system that solves the most difficult problems of the chaotic phase — that takes place at the beginning of every mass-casualty incident — in one fell swoop: to gain a clear overview.

Emergency physician Dr. Matthias Woelfel, District of Germersheim

The customer benefit: Faster treatment of severely injured patients

The team drew on its knowledge of processes, software and hardware engineering skills, and communication know-how to come up with RescueWave®. This device is equipped to handle emergencies with scores of injured people, enable more effective operational command and control, and thereby improve medical care. This is just some of what it does, but what it does best is save lives.


Icon Map

Situational information in real time

Icon abgesicherter Prozess

Instant triage

Icon Gerätebedienung

Efficient command and control

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