Our Philosophy

Our company strives to form good partnerships, with our customers as well as our employees. And for us, the basis of a good partnership is Confidence, Security and Respect. These values inspire our strong customer focus, which distinguishes ITK as a medium-sized business, development partner and solution provider with a family feel. Transparent, structured development processes and open communication are likewise expressions of this philosophy. Meeting high Quality Standards is mandatory for all our employees who are characterized by an extraordinary degree of Flexibility, Commitment and Motivation.

Our Values

We aim to:

Be a Reliable Partner.

Our goal? A long-term cooperation, with our customers and our employees. Customers will find in us a trusted counterpart, who delivers on promises and provides performance and superior quality services with a transparent approach. Stability and continuity in a project is an important success factor – that’s why we are committed to maintaining low employee turnover. Our employees can count on us. Because they can only satisfy the customer, if we ensure they are satisfied.

Develop Innovative Solutions.

What can you expect from us? Mature, innovative solutions, processes and ideas. With our internal innovation management and our research partnerships, we develop project-independent future technologies. Our customer projects benefit from a constant flow of the most current scientific and technical knowledge – the basis for innovative and creative work.

Form a Strong Team.

What is behind ITK? A strong, motivated team. Highly trained, passionate, and team-oriented: It is the employees that distinguish ITK. Our aim is to create a cohesive and comfortable environment. Mentoring, team leadership, and a culture of knowledge, in which expertise is readily available and project information kept strictly confidential – are all part of this aim.

Offer Desirable Perspectives.

What does “think outside the box” mean to us? We develop perspectives through sustainable actions. The focus is on long-term customer relationships rather than short-term sales success. Our work in various industries results in new synergies, opportunities and prospects. A holistic and analytical approach enables reliable project management. We offer new perspectives by encouraging our employees’ individual strengths and by giving them responsibility.

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