Smart drug delivery

Serving clients in the pharmaceuticals business, we develop connected drug delivery devices engineered to improve compliance and adherence.

Smarte Medikamenteneinnahme

The challenge: Non-compliance and a lack of adherence

Compliance and adherence are essential to achieving therapy goals for the given patient. Non-compliance and a lack of adherence can adversely affect the patient’s health. Not only that, it can also drive the costs of healthcare, for example, one reason being that an ailing patient has to see a doctor more often. Smart medical devices help empower patients. They can contribute to the success of the therapy, particularly when sensors and companion apps are involved.

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Improving therapy

A patient’s speedy recovery depends on taking the right medication for that individual, in the right dose and at the right time.

The solution: Connected drug delivery devices

Drawing on a deep well of technical skills and many years’ experience developing standards-compliant medical devices, we engineer and connect smart drug delivery devices such as inhalers or injectors designed to optimize drug intake. To this end, we

The added value: Patient-centered, personalized, and connected

Smart drug delivery devices can greatly enhance the therapy and improve the patient’s quality of life. Something as simple as fewer regular trips to the clinic can be a tremendous relief for an ailing patient. Smart technologies enable patients to self-administer medication in a way that is tailored to their individual needs. For even greater convenience, this drug delivery can involve sensors and connections to a smartphone and/or the cloud. Smartphones are constant companions – always at hand, they are perfect for supporting, controlling, and monitoring an individual’s medication intake. Data obtained in the process can be a boon to both the patient and attending physician.


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