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Taming complexity the ITK agile way:
What sets us apart is our passion for agile values and principles. Our ITK agile approach is a symbiosis of engineering and agility, underpinned by a strong set of technical skills and a wealth of experience executing major projects.
We understand the complexities and constraints of modern-day project landscapes. This insight enables us to create tailored solutions by cherry-picking the agile methods that best fit your unique challenges.

The ITK agile way
Our proprietary approach

Our customers have to contend with predetermined constraints, standards, and processes when they pursue their projects. We know all about these pieces of the development puzzle and have the insight needed to opt for agile practices when and where it is expedient to do so. Count on us to bring your project home with our unique blend of agility and technical expertise.

Our Expertise

ITK as a partner for methods expertise.

Agile and conventional project management

We set up our projects to pursue specific goals and expectations. This is done with utmost respect for our customers’ express business objectives, no matter how ambitious they may be. Aligning top-down goals with bottom-up expertise, we create the processes and communication channels needed to steer these projects to success.

ITK Agile Coaches

Agility and DevOps

DevOps is the key to achieving true business agility. Some topologies work well, others do not. Let us help you set your DevOps project up for success by choosing the right agile methods for the task.
This is not merely a matter of putting good processes into practice; this is about culture change. In our role as agile coaches, we are here to help your people make that mindset shift.

ITK as a partner for agile working

Agility and ASPICE

Automotive SPICE sets out clear processes for the required capability level, giving the teams a foundation on which to build the project. In an agile environment, these processes can evolve and adapt to suit the given project. And as agile-minded consultants, we always strive to improve these processes and focus on engaging the project team to this end.

At first glance, a more stringent quality process such as ASPICE would seem to contradict the agile way of working. However, ASPICE only describes WHAT needs to be done to achieve the required quality, not HOW it needs to be done. The art of engineering in this sort of project is to adapt the agile concept to take advantage of its strengths and flexibility without sacrificing quality. At ITK, we have been striking the right balance between individualism and the process for years.

Sascha Eschweiler, ITK expert ASPICE and agility
Functional safety managers at ITK

Agility and functional safety

ISO 26262 specifies the processes that have to be incorporated into automotive projects to ensure the product is indeed safe as mandated by the given level of functional safety. The agile approach to development provides a framework for cross-functional teams that also enables functional safety managers to get more involved in what goes into a product.

A look at our reference projects

#LeSS agile coach to kick off a greenfield product development project

#Scrum master for a development team and 15 product owners dispersed around the globe

#SAFe release train engineers and a solution train engineer to support a major agile optimization project

ITK agile: Your Engineered Agile Solution

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Agile coaching & consulting

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