Interior of the Future – Innovative development of the vehicle interior

Interiors will soon figure even more prominently in a potential buyer’s choice of model. With automated driving and safety on people’s minds, aspects such as functionality and connectivity are also sure to be part of the purchase decision.

Car interior of a red car with smart connectivity and intelligent functions.

New and connected features in tomorrow’s interior

“Say hello to your new habitat.” Innovative and connected features in the vehicle’s interior are going to give drivers more opportunities to pursue their personal interests. Working, devoting more me-time to one’s health, playing games, having a go at other goals – all this will be part of a new driving experience. However, there are some high hurdles to be cleared first: Someone has to connect all those features, integrate innovative software functions, and unify knowledge from disparate domains, particularly medical systems and automotive engineering.

Futuristic car with intelligent and safe seats, also called smart seat, in white and beige.

Smart seat

Tomorrow’s car seat will be expected to do many more things than yesteryear’s model did. Intelligent actuators and sensors will take freedom of movement to a whole new level, while smart textiles collect data and enhance comfort. New safety standards have to provide utmost protection to occupants in the event of an accident – even when the seat is not in the ideal position. We already have successful projects to our credit in this area.

The intelligent software from ITK enables the ambient lighting of the digital dashboard in the interior of a car.

Interactive ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is nothing new, but the concept of combining sound and light is certainly innovative. It takes a deep understanding of automotive engineering and software development, as well as the ability to navigate the customer’s specific environment, to put this kind of innovation into practice. As a platform-independent software partner, we bring ideas to life, working with customers to create tomorrow’s interiors.

Learn more about our interactive ambient lighting solutions.

Connected controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the interior of a car with ventilation grille and blue air flow.

HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Keeping today’s vehicles operating smoothly presents a conceptual challenge that can be mastered with comprehensive control strategies. But connecting the different functions is no simple task. And the path to truly understanding the physical models is a labyrinth. Our skill-set encompasses optimization algorithms, conceptualization, data analysis, and testing. And we know how to effectively integrate all these key components into every product development process.

Mastering complexity with broad methodological expertise

The development effort focuses on the complexities of integrating and managing all interior features that constitute the solution’s functionality. We develop and test new requirements, build the architecture, devise control strategies, and develop software components, readying everything for mass production.  With the benefit of our agile software development toolchain and CI/CD-based automated tests, we are able to ramp up a high-quality solution for rapid release. And we remain at our customer’s disposal to provide post-development support on the production line and, if necessary, to make adjustments on the fly.

ITK Engineering – flexible configuration and integration for your vehicle

Call on us if you need animated lights. The product of an agile development effort, they serve to communicate with the world outside and enhance convenience. Providing flexible control over all exterior lights, this solution can be configured for various use cases. The function readily ports to other models of cars and can be developed further without much effort.

Key Take-Aways

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Flexibly configurable function

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Portable to other models

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Agile, CI/CD-based development

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