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Charge Enabler

The Charge Enabler as an open source tool provides a new ISO15118 compliant basis to reduce costs for on-site testing in Europe, to meet market-specific requirements for smooth communication and to implement rapid tests for different vehicle models with all types of charging stations.

Charge Enabler: Open-source software takes electromobility a decisive step forward

The charging process of electric vehicles is still regularly interrupted. This can usually be attributed to incompatible implementations of the charging communication. In order to counteract these known challenges, the Charge Enabler enables testing of standard-compliant charging communication at the software level in early development phases..

In addition, the highly modular test system can be individually integrated into existing development processes and thus adapted to customer-specific specifications. With this product, too, we are pursuing our whitebox approach and contributing to the value of the entire community and the future of electromobility.


The Charge Enabler is available free of charge as open-source software in the basic version and can be expanded individually and tailored by means of paid features.


The Charge Enabler offers a professional test laboratory with a wide range of test scenario possibilities for individual validation processes according to customer requirements. Possible application examples are the testing of load compliance according to ISO 15118-4, the identification of software weaknesses to strengthen the system robustness, early tests during the software development process, the protection of intellectual property through the use of “functional mockup units”, or the use of test cases for different user interactions.


     Charge Enablers Benefits:

  • reduced costs through standardized test environment
  • image benefit through robust user interaction
  • enabler of road legality for target markets
  • smooth communication with all types of charging stations
  • fast testing for different vehicle models

fully automatic conformity test

open-source / whitebox software solutions

simplicity before complexity


Future of the Charge Enabler

It is our goal to continuously develop the Charge Enabler, to integrate new test cases and to realize customizations. In the next development phase, we will focus on conformity tests for other charging protocols such as CHAdeMO, ChaoJi, GB/T 27930.


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