Artificial intelligence in healthcare

We are here to help you put your data strategy into practice and instill data analytics capabilities into your products in compliance with standards. This is how we bring the benefits of AI to your business in a value-adding, sustainable way.

Artificial Intelligenze

AI, the key to smart, automated solutions

Complex environments push conventional algorithms to – and often beyond – their limits. This is why artificial intelligence is figuring ever more prominently in today’s healthcare technology. AI algorithms have already demonstrated their prowess in medical systems, for example, in pattern recognition for diagnostic purposes. However, instilling artificial intelligence in devices is fraught with many challenges, particularly in the medical field.

Tapping data potential, tuning performance

There are many good reasons to analyze data sourced from medical devices. This can be done to monitor quality, protect against faults and failures with predictive models, and satisfy MDR product surveillance requirements. Patient data offer opportunities for innovation in diagnostics and therapy, but are subject to strict data privacy regulations.

Would you like to tap this potential, but are not quite sure how just yet? Or do you have an idea for an AI-driven solution and are looking for a partner to put it into practice? We are here to advise and assist you. Let us help you develop your data strategy in service of your products and visions. Count on us to harness the latest machine learning, deep learning, object recognition, and perception and simulation methods to build the right technical solution for you.


Managing simulators’ computational load with SmartSearch

The development of AI applications relies on vast quantities of data required for training and validating models. Simulators can obtain these data sets with a reasonable amount of effort. SmartSearch, an optimization framework we developed here at ITK Engineering, helps determine optimal parameter constellations for a simulator in a way that saves time and spares you costs.  

More precise diagnoses, better therapies

There is much data to be exploited with the Internet of Medical Things and AI solutions. Both are sparking great changes in healthcare and speeding up its digital transformation. AI-driven medical applications put more powerful and more efficient tools at physicians’ fingertips in order to detect diseases more accurately and at an earlier turn.

Key Takeaways

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Experiential advice on AI in a regulated environment

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Tailormade solutions

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Standards-compliant implementation

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