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See Industry 4.0 in action with an impressive guided tour of a Bosch plant. Experience a smart factory up close.

Einblick in eine Smart Factory

The digitalization of manufacturing is a tremendously challenging endeavor. All machines and production lines have to be connected, and that is just one of many tasks required to transform a plant into a smart factory. Legacy data sourced from these machines and new data gathered by added sensors has to be put to productive use. This is all about smart data rather than big data, which means collecting the right data to contain implementation costs.

This guided tour is not just a showcase of past success stories in machine connectivity. We will also take this opportunity to show you how to successfully digitalize your manufacturing and logistics operations. And you have the option of talking to other companies about the path to digitalization.

Digitalization is a matter of technology; digital transformation is all about attitude.

Dr. Tim Armbruster, Business Development Digital Transformation
Person steht mit einem Tablet in einer Bosch Werkshalle

Stations of this factory tour

Find out more about the following topics: energy management, machine status monitoring, simulation, harmonization of IT landscapes, intralogistics solutions, digital shop floor management.

Factory Stuttgart-Feuerbach

Around 13,500 associates work at the traditional location in Stuttgart-gart-Feuerbach. In the three market segments electric vehicles, passenger cars and commercial vehicles/off-road, comprehensive solutions and a comprehensive product and service portfolio for the powertrain are offered. At the Feuerbach plant, various technologies are used to network production and logistics in the automotive industry, in order to implement individualized customer requests more flexibly, more efficiently, and in a more resource-efficient manner.

Dates for the next Guided Tours:
– September 20, 2023

Key Takeaways

Icon Industrie 4.0

Experience Industry 4.0 up close

Icon Digitalisierung von Fertigungs- und Logistikprozessen

Digitalizing manufacturing & logistics

Icon nachhaltiges Energiemanagement

Sustainable energy management

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