From Concept to Production

„ECU – as a prime contractor, we take care of the whole development and manufacturing process.“

Covering the Entire Product Lifecycle: ECU Hardware and Software from a Single Source

For us, “One-stop” means that we take care of the whole ECU development process for you – from design and development, to production (with partners) and test, through product maintenance. With our interdisciplinary team of control systems design, software, and hardware specialists, we implement system solutions with all required hardware and software components. By applying of advanced development methods like hardware simulation (LT-Spice, Altium Designer), we test, verify and validate the control unit hardware in an early development stage, so valuable time can be saved. We offer standard-compliant (i.e. ISO 26262) development, integrated quality assurance and AUTOSAR compliance as standard operating procedure.

ECU – Small Device, High Performance
Implementation of Quality in Software Development
It’s not just the Results that Count, Project Management Must Work as Well

Our Service

  • Software Development
    • Software Architecture
    • Software Design
    • Software Integration
  • Hardware Development
    • Circuit Development
    • EMC / Laboratory
  • Construction
  • Product Validation
  • SiL and HiL Tests
  • Component Selection
  • Production through Our Partners
  • Quality Assurance