Customized and agile embedded systems development

From connected home appliances and industrial machines to autonomous vehicles, embedded systems are at the heart of smart products. They enable seamless automation, intelligent control, and networking. As an engineering partner, we develop your embedded solution end-to-end or support your project team with the right specialists.

For the successful realization of your product innovation, we also support you in data driven development, cloud solutions and multi-platform applications. Learn more about our comprehensive range of services for bringing your product vision to life.

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End-to-end services from software to hardware to systems

Take advantage of our expertise and cross-industry skill-set. Rely on our experts to support you from the initial idea to the market-ready product. We support you in conceptualizing and implementing your embedded systems, considering key aspects such as hardware, integration, energy efficiency, security and scalability to fit your unique use case.

And if you need a helping hand developing IoT use cases, artificial intelligence, or machine learning solutions, you can count on us for that too.

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Systems engineering and architecture

We harmonize software and hardware tailored to your needs. Our agile approach guarantees the design of solutions in a dynamic market environment and taking into account volatile customer needs. At the same time, we ensure that all normative requirements are met.

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Embedded software engineering

Robust, reliable, and real-time enabled – software for embedded systems has to be all that, but it also has to adapt dynamically to changing conditions that affect the greater system. Our job is to make that happen by developing the appropriate firmware, middleware, application software, and sophisticated embedded software solutions for sustainable IoT systems.

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Embedded hardware engineering

With our experience in hardware design & layout, testing and sample development, we lay the foundation for the optimal function and performance of your embedded solution. We realize customer-specific hardware platforms efficiently with the right balance of performance, energy efficiency and cost.

Our engineering services – from end-to-end solutions to specialists to reinforce your project team

Rather than start from scratch, adapt our modular embedded platform

Benefit from our ready-to-use hardware and software platform by taking advantage of extensive adaptation and configuration options. Interchangeable modules with suitable drivers facilitate rapid adaptation. The rights to your adaptation will be all yours, freeing you to use it as you see fit for your production line. Does your vision extend beyond the embedded device? Then let us extend your offering with customized cloud, AI, and multi-platform solutions. Learn more about our services in the field of smart products.

Project roadmap

Embedded solution tailored to your product vision

Do you have special requirements regarding installation space, energy efficiency, computing power, or specific standards? Leave all that to us. We can develop the right technological platform for your needs, and deliver it as a white-box solution with all the applications, features, and IP rights included. Our pre-developed hardware modules are at your disposal. Extendable basic software modules support a wide range of configurations, protocols and features. Guided by your unique project’s roadmap, we concretize your product vision, analyze stakeholder expectations, and recommend technologies and processes.

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Specialists and expert teams for your project

Do your development projects require more engineering capacity than you have readily available? Do you need specific skills? We not only advise you on technical issues and processes; our specialists support you at every system level of development: from systems and hardware engineering, to safety, DevOps and CI/CD, to software design & coding. We will also be happy to assemble experts in an agile team to put your product vision into practice.

Quality and security at the highest level

We develop your solution in compliance with norms and according to the individual standards and certification guidelines of your domain. Our extensive and practiced process world enables the highest software quality as well as the implementation of cyber security and safety for highest requirements. This makes your solution a perfect fit and future-proof in terms of both functional and non-functional aspects.

Expertise in all relevant technologies

By selecting the right platforms, frameworks, programming languages, connectivity and virtualization technologies, we develop state-of-the-art products that meet precisely your needs.

Overview platforms, frameworks, programming languages, connectivity & virtualization technologies ITK Engineering uses for embedded software and systems development

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End the production of key components: Innovation boost through effective redesign

A redesign is often the only way to go when the end of production rolls around for key components. ITK helped Bosch Home Comfort Group redesign a central control unit. This re-engineered asset retains the core functionality while satisfying higher safety standards. And it can be developed further independently. 

ITK developer programming in Rust.

Rust: The next evolution in embedded software development

Digital functions are becoming more and more important in all industries and in a software-defined world. Consequently software will massively shape the customer experience and even the specification of underlying hardware. New solutions are needed to achieve efficiency and the necessary quality. A possible answer to this can be the use of a programming language such as Rust.

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ONE SMART SPRAY – intelligent, on-target weed control

ONE SMART SPRAY, the product of a Bosch/ BASF joint venture, brings state-of-the-art technologies to growers’ fields. ITK Engineering was on board as a development partner, helping to translate the inceptive idea into a market-ready product.

Our service in the field of Embedded Systems

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Tailored to your requirements

RUST – the next evolution in embedded software development

Not only the software complexity but also the validation processes become more complex. New solutions are needed to achieve efficiency as well as the necessary quality. One possible answer to this can be the use of a programming language like Rust. Learn in our whitepaper why Rust has the great potential to become the language of modern software development.

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