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Cyber Security Engineering

“Security is like the brakes of your car. It slows you down but it also enables you to go a lot faster.”

The trend towards connected products is giving rise to innovative features – and also to the possibility of malicious attacks, particularly from faraway hackers.

As an engineering partner, we put our cyber security expertise at your disposal and develop secure connected products that fit your enterprise. Startup or corporate giant, we deliver sized to suit your business and industry.

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Enforcing security on a technical level

Cyber security affects all industries that work with embedded systems. Learn more about specific technical security aspects that we typically work on and tailor to the technical as well as non-technical objectives of our customers.

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Cross-sector competency

Security for all sectors

Cyber security is relevant to all sectors that work with embedded systems. Our cross-domain expertise is a great asset here. It enables us to take advantage of synergies and port security solutions and methods from other sectors into your solution.

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ITK security on YouTube

We know how to secure embedded systems and connected products, and this cyber security skill-set features prominently on our YouTube channel.  Regulatory issues such as ISO/SAE 214343 and UNECE are also a hot topic. To learn more, be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

Learning from other domains and developing secure systems

Our experts’ insight into state-of-the-art security technology and methodology runs deep and ranges wide, from automotive and manufacturing use cases to medical engineering. Drawing on this powerful set of synergies, domain expertise, and engineering skills, we develop standards-compliant solutions. And the solution tailored for you will be built in teamwork with you. Our tool- and product-independent approach lets you enjoy the benefits of unbiased advice and optimized engineering services tuned precisely to meet your needs.

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Expertise – Cyber Security

Torsten Breitel