From Automotive to Agricultural Equipment and Commercial Vehicles

“From hardware-oriented embedded programming to tool-based functional development at the application level – take advantage of all the benefits of standardization for ECU development.”

Take Advantage of Maximum Performance
Migration to AUTOSAR
From Version 3 to 4

Our Services

  • Migration of Conventional Software or from Previous AUTOSAR to 4.x Versions
  • Integrated Toolchain
    • Planning and Consulting Tools
    • Implementation of an Overall Development Environment, incl. Linking of Model-Based Development and Auto Code Generation
  • Advice on ECU Design and Migration of Functions, incl. the consideration of OEM-Specific Components
    • Application-Oriented Selection of Hardware
    • Application-Specific Software Architecture Considering Functional Safety, Security and Multi-Rate Sampling, Scheduling, Etc.
  • Creation of System Design incl. Communication Matrices of Bus Systems and Higher Level Protocols/Functions, incl. Network Management
  • Driver Programming
  • Implementation, Verification & Validation of Basic Software
  • Coaching and AUTOSAR-Seminar


  • Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Special Vehicles

As Premium Partner of the AUTOSAR-Consortium we actively participate, together with other AUTOSAR-partner, in the further development of the AUTOSAR-standards especially regarding Safety [WP-A3] and [FT-SAF] as well as Security [FT-SEC]. Please find more information about our membership in our press release.