AUTOSAR: Together towards the future

The AUTOSAR alliance aims to tame the growing complexity of in-vehicle electrical and electronic systems and simplify software and hardware swaps and updates. As a premium partner, we play an active role in the committee.

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AUTOSAR – a launch pad for emerging mobility concepts

Mobility megatrends are driving demand for innovative functions, greater connectivity, and software updates according to SOP. Scrambling to meet this demand, automakers are doubling the amount of in-vehicle software every three years. Partners in the AUTOSAR committee are working on a standardized software architecture and methodology to contain this growing complexity. This standard is to boost software quality while cutting costs with reusable modules and functions.

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AUTOSAR architecture already features prominently in automobiles, agricultural machinery, and commercial vehicles. Classic AUTOSAR is for electronic control units (ECUs) with static functions. An ECU equipped with Adaptive AUTOSAR can accommodate new functions and updates later in its lifecycle.

Commitment to AUTOSAR

As a premium partner in the AUTOSAR consortium, we have been working with fellow AUTOSAR members since 2015 to advance the standard, particularly with safety and security in mind. Currently, our efforts are centered on the working groups Safety [WG-SAF] and Adaptive AUTOSAR reference implementation [WG-AP-CCT].

In the safety working group, comprehensive reviews are carried out to investigate the compliance of other working groups’ concepts with functional safety requirements. Our job as document owners also entails driving the development of a continuous system monitoring mechanism called platform health management.

In the area of adaptive AUTOSAR, we are part of the central coding team and close the gap between theory and practice. For this purpose, we implement central functionalities of the functional cluster and thereby validate their specifications. Here, our focus is also on safety.


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a global development partnership of automakers, suppliers, and electronics, semiconductor, and software companies. It has been developing and rolling out open, standardized software architecture for the automotive industry since 2003.

A formative hand in shaping the future of automotive development

Our premium partnership in the AUTOSAR consortium puts us in an excellent position to keep on top of the latest technology and changes to come. The consortium, in turn, benefits from our insights into safety and security. The experience and knowledge gained in the committee and shared by consortium partners flows into our day-to-day project work.


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Active participation in the AUTOSAR committee

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A step ahead – an overview of projected innovations

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A connected partner in the automotive sector

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