Make the Real World Manageable – with Models and Simulations

“Each system to be modeled is different – whether it’s in the automotive industry, medical technology, or aviation. We identify the right approach and the right tool for each application.”

Real World Shown in Detail
Describing Systems and System Interaction
Using Libraries and Standardization

You want to know which tool is best suited for your application?

We can advise you on this – application specific and future-oriented. We always have the newest developments in modeling and co-simulation tools in sight. For example, we are actively engaged in the further development of FMI (Functional Mock-Up Interface) by participating in FMI Design Meetings – a tool-independent standard for Model Exchange and Co-Simulation.

Our Services

  • Design of Models with High Accuracy from an Economic and Technical Point of View
  • System and Behavior Analysis
  • Application Dependent Use Case Modeling Approaches and Tools
  • Simultaneous Use of Different Approaches, Tools and Standards for the Implementation of Co-Simulation
  • Automated, Measurement-Based Generation of Plant Models
  • Automated, Measurement-Based Parameterization of Control Loops
  • Target Platform Optimized Code Generation
  • Building of Model Libraries