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Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

There is a vast seam of data to mined out there in our world. It offers great potential for optimization, new products, and services across the boundaries of diverse lines of business. Our experts accompany you on your way through that world, helping you to collect, analyze, and use data effectively.

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Smart Textiles

Our developers turn ideas for smart textile solutions into mass-manufactured products. Based on Bosch’s patented integration and housing design and optimized for various use cases, these solutions are a symbiosis of flexible substrates and high tech.

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From your vision to the right data strategy

We develop use cases with your larger strategy and the actionable areas fixed firmly in mind, while keeping a vigilant watch on the framework conditions and technical feasibility. And we bring our skills in industrial data analytics and deep learning to bear.

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Smart Maintenance

With data analytics and artificial intelligence, unused data potentials can be used in railway technology. Functions such as condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance can be realized.

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Smart Search

Quantitative models and methods are excellent ways of finding better solutions to planning problems and making informed decisions. Our framework’s modular architecture adapts quickly to the context of the given use case and readily accommodates external simulation models. One example is the Intelligent Charge Planner.

The key to success – a data strategy tailored to fit

Digital transformation gives rise to mountains of data. Our understanding of data runs deep and our experience with it ranges wide. We draw on both to develop a strategy in a collaborative effort with you. Together, we will make the most of your data to benefit the development effort and the final product throughout its lifecycle. Our interdisciplinary teams embrace agile methods to extract maximum value from your data and implement artificial intelligence-driven solutions.

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