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Developing safety-critical applications

Every safety-related task – operational safety management and engineering, consulting, auditing – requires a deep understanding of complex and distributed systems and the ability to factor all safety concerns into current development. We have that insight and this skill, which is why we are able to offer tailored, seamless functional safety concepts to you.

Be it a sensor-less motor control unit of a dental drill, an aerospace ECU, or a parking assistant – we help you manage safety and develop safety-critical functions for the most diverse use cases. Our experts can do this every step of the way from the conceptual phase to validation.

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Success Story

Reliable object recognition for autonomous mobile machines

Reliable detection of people and objects amid changing weather and environmental conditions presents major challenges for manufacturers of autonomous mobile machines. The IEC TS 62998 standard for safety-related outdoor sensors provides guidance to this end. 

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ISO 21448: Tackling SOTIF related risks

Situation-related vehicle systems offer a great opportunity for users, society and companies.  At the same time, they also represent a special form of risk. This requires new approaches to systems engineering processes and data organization, as well as enriching your toolboxes with new methods. Learn more in our SOTIF webinar.

Everything from a single source Systems understanding combined with methodology expertise

Whatever size enterprise yours happens to be – startup or corporate giant – we accompany you throughout the safety process and develop safety-critical systems with you. With a toolbox full of cutting-edge technologies, a firm grasp of methods, and many years’ experience, we develop solutions for systems such as X-by-Wire, drives, safe person recognition, and much more. Count on us to deliver the highest attainable level of safety in keeping with applicable standards and safety cases and to provide the verification within the scope of the safety case. 

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ISO 26262, SOTIF


ISO 25119

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EN ISO 13485, IEC 62304, EN ISO 14971


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EN 5012x, (CENELEC)


ISO 13849, IEC 62061

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