The connected OR

Tomorrow’s operating room is sure to be digitalized, secure, highly complex, integrated, and fully connected. We develop custom systems to control all components and connected devices, thereby enabling optimal workflows and efficient data exchange within the connected OR.

Infographic networked OR

Integration and interoperability to boost efficiency in the operating room

State-of-the-art operating rooms put a wide range of complex high-tech devices from different vendors at surgeons’ fingertips. One of the great challenges is how to best connect and integrate these devices to enable efficient data exchange and provide the right information to the surgeon at the right time and at the right place. In the best case, a central user interface affords access to all devices and data.

Arzt mit virtueller OP-Steuerung

OR integration solutions that serve to remotely control multiple devices, route video signals, and manage patient data certainly make the OR staff’s job easier. But the benefits do not end there. They also improve operating room efficiency, cut costs, and reduce administrative overhead.

Smart connectivity, central control

Devices and systems used in this context communicate via various data and communication protocols. A central control system supports many of these standards while complying with the latest cyber security requirements. Count on us to help you develop standards-compliant interoperating systems for tomorrow’s OR. Let us team up to actively drive the digital transformation of surgical procedures. 

Key Takeaways

Icon digitale Vernetzung

Vendor-agnostic connectivity

Icon Safe Connectivity

Many years’ practical experience in cyber security

Icon Unterstützung

Software and system development from a one-stop shop

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