Data-driven development for innovative products

Artificial intelligence (AI) and embedded systems are becoming increasingly important for data-driven product development. In this context, it is not only crucial to generate data with sensors. It is also necessary to gain intelligent insights from this data using machine learning. Data-driven development makes it possible to design products from the inception idea to series production with a deep understanding of the end user and with new value creation methods. Let us help you tap the enormous potential of these added capabilities during development and throughout the product’s lifecycle.

You can also call on us to provide the support you need to put your product vision into practice. Embedded systems engineering services, cloud solutions, multi-platform applications –  we can deliver all this and more.

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Taking a holistic approach to data-driven development, we work with you to assess the potential and business value for your unique use case. Count on us to assess what works best for you. A purely data-driven solution may be all you need, or it could take the addition of AI to reap the rewards you have in mind. This nuanced approach enables us to come up with a bespoke implementation strategy suited specifically to your project.

What we do best

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Data management & engineering for intelligent IoT ecosystems

We make the most of state-of-the-art technology to efficiently process data streams and create scalable data pipelines for your Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Proven platforms and tools serve to process your real-time data. Wherever you want your data infrastructure to be, on-premises or in the cloud, we can tailor the setup to meet your needs.

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AI and machine learning engineering

Machine learning makes it possible to identify patterns in data, optimize processes and personalize customer interactions. Embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence), Edge AI and Cloud AI form an interconnected ecosystem and together enable a wide range of applications and services from the smallest embedded devices to powerful cloud infrastructure. Whatever you want to do – data processing and cleansing, model development, implementation, and maintenance, or all of the above – we have the skills and tools to help you get it done.

Our data-driven development methods

Our experience with embedded systems runs deep and wide, ranging from small sensor units to sensor networks and entire IoT information systems. Call on us to combine all this to make AI work for you. Digital systems engineering combines state-of-the-art development methods with classic engineering skills. If you are looking for excellence in this field of engineering, turn to the experts with a firm grasp on both.

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Data quality, curation & protection

Data & AI system security

Data & model safety

Transfer & continuous learning

What we can do for you

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Advise you on AI

Take advantage of our comprehensive systems consulting services. We conduct feasibility and potential analyses to assess the possibilities for your products and test relevant options using real data from the productive environment.

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Enable your data infrastructure

Our experts team up with yours to build and manage your data infrastructure and to transfer AI to legacy and new products. 

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Provide data-driven systems development services

Opt for our services when you want to integrate machine learning processes and automate data development to facilitate continuous learning. Together, we get your AI-supported products ready for series production and certification.

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Smart Packing

Every day, millions of items are prepared for delivery in distribution centers. Checking for the right items and quantities can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This costs money and jeopardizes customer satisfaction. Choose our Smart Packing solution to reduce errors, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase productivity.

Our range of services in the area of data driven development

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