TACware® - Software Solution for Automation and Highly-Dynamic Control of Component Test Benches

“High control accuracy and dynamic requirements for your component test bench? Do you want to increase your efficiency by automating controller configuration and parameterization as well as test bench operation?”

TACware® (Test Bench Automation & Control Software) is an automation software for the effective, time-efficient and user-friendly operation of component test benches. The structure and implementation of the software is specifically optimized for highly dynamic test benches where high control accuracy and testing under realistic conditions are essential. For test benches for steering, suspension struts, roll stabilizers and electric motors, ITK offers a solution which fully meets all the requirements of test bench automation. In addition to basic automation of test bench operation and highly efficient controlalgorithms, functions for automated testing are also provided as well as suitable interfaces for “Test Object in the Loop” modes.

Automating Test Bench Operation

TACware® automation allows for controlling the flow of test bench operating conditions. Along with equipment management, comes the consistent treatment of errors and critical system conditions as well as consistent data, event and error logging.

Real-Time System - Control Sampling Rates up to 20 kHz

The real-time application is based on LabVIEW Real-Time and runs within NI VeriStand. By optimally utilizing the available computing power – even when using complex algorithms – cycle times of 50 μs (= 20 kHz) are achieved and precise timings are guaranteed.

High-Dynamic Control of the Test Bench

Highly effective algorithms are used for the control that allow maximum accuracy and dynamics. Due to an integrated methodology the controllers can be automatically designed and parameterized. The used controller modules allow a smooth change of control structure and control parameters, as well as the control of multiple-input multiple-output communications and compensation of nonlinearities (e.g. backlash and stiction).

Integration of Rest-Bus Simulation and Vehicle Models

TACware® provides interfaces for connecting models and model components from common simulation environments. Optionally, this connection can be accessed through a Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI). Hardware-Interfaces like CAN, CAN-FD, LIN and FlexRay are available.

To meet your specific requirements, we individually adapt TACware® based on a functional test bench model for you and use your operational test bench. Through the consistent application of model-based approaches, the start-up times and downtimes are kept short.

We would be happy to talk one-on-one with you to see how TACware® could benefit you.

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