Cyber security in manufacturing

Productivity rises when factories are digitalized and connected, but so does the risk of cyber attacks. Companies have to avert this threat. After all, long-term business success depends on their ability to maintain security in their manufacturing environment. Let us support you on this journey with custom concepts tailored specifically to your risks.


Manufacturing systems and processes are becoming increasingly connected as the digital transformation advances. As it stands, the weak link along the way is cyber security. Cyber crime affects all industries. It comes in many guises, including espionage, sabotage, extortion, and physical damage. Industrial automation systems are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. They can disrupt and even bring entire production lines to a standstill. Many manufacturers see this worst-case scenario as a remote possibility. In reality, however, very few companies are actually safe, as the cyber security experts at the Aachen-based Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT have demonstrated. (Source: Frauenhofer IPT, Whitepaper Cybersecurity in networked production)

Join us as we pursue the goal of cyber security in compliance with the internationally recognized IEC 62443 standard.

Services for manufacturers of connected machines

Infografic of services for manufactures of connected manufacturing systems

Process consulting and process development

Risk analysis for your machine

Conceptual consulting for your machine

Software development for your machine

Testing for your machine

Services for operators of connected manufacturing systems

Infografic of services for operators of connected manufacturing systems

Process consulting and process development

Risk analysis for your manufacturing system

Conceptual consulting for your manufacturing system

Testing for your manufacturing system

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Cyber security is a crucial step on the journey towards digitalized manufacturing systems. Secure communication between manufacturing systems and the cloud is imperative, as are the tools you need to securely boot and update your manufacturing systems.


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Cross-industry expertise

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Comprehensive IEC 62443-compliant security

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A platform to launch your digitalized manufacturing

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