Systems with Decision-Making Authority

"In ten years there will be 150 billion networked sensors   ̶  a complexity that cannot be managed with human intelligence. We develop cognitive solutions which can make optimal decisions even in critical situations. They can learn from experience and deliver as well as execute completely self-automated prognoses and recommended actions."

A Central Nervous System for Your Processes and Structures

By combining different processes analogous to nature, the brainware that is integrated in your embedded system or backbone engages the analogous functions of the human nervous system – in this way, it achieves optimal conditions for autonomous activity. Our brainware thereby establishes the networking of your system with its inner and outer surroundings through which it can react in accordance with the changes of the surroundings. With help from our cognitive platform, additional structures and processes can be modeled and operated.

Cognitive Solutions Efficiently Introduced

A new technology can only bring you further when it is easy to implement and user-friendly. It should additionally be able to integrate itself easily within the existing infrastructure. We place these characteristics at the focal point of our cognitive solutions. From one source, we offer you brainware, hardware and software development as well as organizational development (process consultation, outcome assessment of technology and optimization). Through our model-based and simulation-validated methodology, as well as through our object-oriented and service-oriented technology, legacy systems that are critical to business can be shaped anew or they can be replaced with care and consideration while recognizing and avoiding critical side effects beforehand.

From the consultation and development of the simulation to realization ‒ we offer you cognitive solutions for the automation of your processes and structures.   

Our Services

  •   Outcome assessment of technology

    • Individual process consultation including development of a growth and development path
    • Business model development
    • Evaluation of technology
    • Simulation of structures and processes

  • Introduction to cognitive production equipment, production processes and products for self-management as well as (partially-)autonomous production

    • Brainware
    • Cognitive prevention and intervention systems (predictive maintenance, predictive situation monitoring)

  • Control systems design
  • Algorithm development analogous to processes in nature
  • Artificial intelligence, knowledge-based systems, pattern recognition, learning-capable mechanisms
  • Software engineering and embedded systems engineering
  • Test systems, test software, SCADA-systems
  • Camera-based systems, image processing
  • Data analysis, data banks and big data solutions
  • Robotics
  • Modeling/Simulation of the production process
  • Safety and Security Engineering
  • Human-machine interfaces and machine-to-machine communication (HMI & M2M)

Range of Application

  • City and municipality management (Cognitive City)
  • Fluid management
  • Autonomous mobility
  • Cognitive production systems
  • Building automation
  • Process measurement and technology
  • Autonomous production – cognitive organizational backbone
    • Cognitive medicine and diagnosis
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Industry 4.0
    • Industrial measurement technology & measurement automation
    • Test bench automation
    • Process measurement and technology