Supply HiL System Environments

Hardware commissioning, modeling, test automation, processes for verification and validation of entire modules – as a prime contractor we develop and maintain your independent HiL system landscape regardless of the manufacturer. On-site, or off-site in our secure back offices.

Our Service

  • Hardware-Independent Consulting
  • Project Management, Process Definition, Requirements Management, and Status and Reporting System
  • Hardware Deployment (i.e. NI, Micronova, dSPACE, ETAS, OPAL-RT, etc..):
    • Conceptual Design and Deployment of the Entire Infrastructure
    • Restructuring (Planning, Coordination, Implementation)
  • Modeling
    • Development of Circuits- and IO-Models
    • Modeling of Components, including e.g. Hybrid Components
    • Model Management
  • Use of Virtual ECUs (V-ECUs) in HiL Simulation, before the Prototype Control Unit Hardware is Available
  • Test Preparation and Test Automation (Open Loop and Closed Loop)
  • Restbus Simulation
  • Preparation for Production Suitability
  • On-Going Support During Operation

From our Customer Satisfaction Survey

“Benchmark for real-time modeling and simulation”

“Built a well-functioning model environment for HiL test benches”

“Built a HiL test system in just a week”