When machines learn to see

”Detecting environments and interpreting scenarios are vital capabilities as we move towards autonomous systems. Developing computer vision therefore requires an understanding of embedded technology, algorithms and systems.”

Performance versus resources – the conflict with embedded technology
Merging, validating and verifying data

Our solutions

ITK 3D Terrain Mapping

Algorithms for driver assistance systems for off-highway machines

ITK AOI System

Quality assurance system for product identification, evaluation and tracing in production

Our Services

  • Advice on choice of sensor
    • Cameras (2D, 3D)
    • Ultrasound, LIDAR, RADAR
  • Advice on choice of platform
    • Embedded
    • Industrial PC
    • Consumer device
  • Algorithm development according to A-SPICE, SPICE and Functional Security
    • Design
    • Porting & optimization
    • Validation, incl. through environmental simulation with automatic labelling of sensor data
  • Algorithm libraries

Image capture, object detection, image analysis, tracking and classification for:

  • Medical devices
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Production facilities

Experience the virtual world

We work with you to develop a new business model, employing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in training, maintenance, planning as well as verification and validation. We bring future projects to life in the here and now in interactive virtual environments on various platforms such as PCs, smart phones and game consoles. User-friendliness and security take top priority for us.