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End-of-line (EoL) test systems

Quality makes all the difference

Test systems to assure product and component quality

Robust, automated quality testing systems on shop floors can run 24/7 and consistently deliver repeatable and objective results. Test systems also figure prominently in development, for example, for proofing prototypes and in product validation.

Our knowledge of methods runs deep and wide. We tap this wellspring of insight to assist you in assuring your products’ quality. Our experts are happy to help every step of the way from selecting the right technology and sensors in the planning phase to implementing end-of-line testing systems. Whatever you need – the overall design, software, hardware, or even an entire test system – we can furnish it.

Data storage and management are priorities when we design these systems. Factoring both into the equation reduces your maintenance costs, facilitates traceability in the event of quality problems, and enables our engineers to efficiently model and render many different variants.

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