Agile development of a IoT device

Agile development of a IoT device



  • agile series development of a complex IoT device in the context of micromobility
  • tailoring of a streamlined innovation process
  • system design
  • software and hardware development, including series support
  • advancement from SOP via FOTA


  • “first mover” – fast series production in a new market segment


  • system based on 12 ECUs
  • backend connectivity (4G)
  • external stakeholders
  • mobile device interface (Bluetooth)
  • variety of use cases/ different user groups
  • strong standard conformity


Parallel pursuit of a 3-step development

  1. evolutionary PoC
  2. transfer to production-ready small series
  3. product samples for certification


  • resolution of complexity
  • fast development via successive product definition
  • flexible target adjustment during development
  • certifiable and secured product


  • introduction of development process
  • CI/CD
  • embedded development
  • standard-compliant development, such as CE conformity, ISO 61508, ISO13849
  • leanSPICE
  • agile development framework
  • test management, V&V
  • requirements management