Establishment of a reusable simulation toolbox

Establishment of a reusable simulation toolbox



  • establishment of reusable simulation building blocks amongst a high variant diversity
  • development of a configuration tool for data generation
  • enablement in the creation of a factory simulation


  • customer enablement for consulting regarding facilities or factory buildings
  • development of autonomous simulations for product distribution


  • reusability amongst variant diversity
  • complex production control and factory processes due to reusability
  • model detailing and traceable visualization
  • very good simulation performance


  • development of building blocks in AnyLogic
  • development of tools for configuration and implementation of algorithms for production management
  • realization of concrete models (simulations) of production facilities


  • enable the customer to create their own simulation with reasonable effort for the sales department
  • consulting opportunities of own customers using simulations regarding factory halls and facilities


  • event-discrete simulation (implementation via AnyLogicand Java)
  • configuration tool: C#, WPF