New development of a software platform

New development of a software platform



  • new development of a software platform for the upcoming generation of a machine series


  • innovation lead as “Hidden Champion“
  • mastering increasing variant diversity
  • anticipation of market‘s technological requirements


  • portfolio with various machine series, separate self-development in each case
  • high variant diversity within model series
  • high requirements for model maintenance and maintainability
  • developer’s knowledge structured in silo-thinking


  • complete new development of product platform and system architecture from idea to series production
  • evaluation and selection of components and suppliers
  • mastering model series and variant diversity via a homogeneous toolbox solution


  • unification and professionalization of development methods and tools
  • integration and enablement of customer development team
  • facilitation of component’s flexible configurability enables the derivation of future machine variants without changes to the source code


  • C#, WPF, WCF
  • PostgreSQL
  • CI/CD mit GitLab
  • Client server architecture
  • Windows 10 IoT Touchpanel-IPC
  • C, embedded development