Model-Based Systems Engineering

This 5-days seminar delivers to the participants how to derive a System Architecture from System Requirements. The architecture description eases communication between all stakeholders, especially between disciplines (e. g. Software, Hardware, Mechanics). The seminar teaches the basis on how to develop a System Architecture with SysML. It is focused on the method. We use a simple yet realistic continuous example to explain the workflow.

  • 5 Days
  • Seminar with Exercises and Project Work
  • 12 Participants
  • Trainings: 2019, Dec. 09-13 (Stuttgart)
  • Training fee: 3.613,00 €

Content Focus

  • Definition: What are systems?
    • Delimitation of system and system context
  • Differences between document-centric versus model-based development
    • Advantages of a database with model elements and views using them
  • SysML (approximately 1/3 of the seminar)
    • Comprehensive explanation of 9 different diagrams by means of many examples
  • Systems Engineering with SysML (approximately 2/3 of the seminar)
  • Introduces the methodology of “Harmony for Systems Engineering” by means of an overall example from automotive technology. All participants get a specification document with System Requirements and are guided through the process up to the development of a System Architecture
  • Outlook in direction to deepened topics

Intended Audience

This seminar is directed towards software, hardware and system architects.


Experiences with architectures in a domain (e. g. Software, Mechanics, Electronics or Process Engineering).

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