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Computer vision, an engineering enabler

Computer vision is essential to developing highly automated and autonomous systems that can safely perceive environments and interpret scenarios. We understand systems, algorithms, and platforms. And we draw on this knowledge to support and accompany you on your implementation journey.

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Perception for highly automated and autonomous systems

Developing embedded prototypes

Data fusion, verification and validation

3D Terrain Mapping Screen


3D terrain mapping

Limited visibility is the main cause of fatal collisions and run-overs involving mobile machinery. With sensor-driven warning capability added to the on-board camera monitoring system, machines are better able to detect people and objects.

Image from a car simulation


Individual Virtual Environment and Sensor Simulation (iVESS)

Our development framework, based on simulation technology, can verfify and validate sensors in realistic 3D environments. Whether in the automotive, industrial, or maritime sectors, iVESS can be used to tackle major customer-specific challenges relating to autonomous systems.

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Success Story

Acoustic vehicle analysis

Road and tire conditions certainly impact the driving experience. Machine learning algorithms can serve to analyze audio data to gauge tire and road conditions. These insights can then be applied for other purposes, for example, for predictive maintenance. These readings also provide the underpinning for implementing various acoustic features.

Teaching machines to ‘think’

The increasingly challenging demands and growing complexity of tomorrow’s digital world will compel engineers to spend more and more time developing, verifying, and validating new systems in the virtual realm. Drawing on many years’ experience with computer vision use cases and our deep knowledge of domains and algorithms, we accompany you throughout the development process. Count on us to assist you every step of the way from agile prototypes in pre-development to ASPICE-compliant, hardware-centered series development. 

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