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The digital health startup Monikit called on us to develop a modular microservice infrastructure for an automated epileptic seizure detector.

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The challenge: High regulatory hurdles

Stricter regulations, stringent safety standards, increasing competitive pressure, and faster development cycles – the medical sector certainly has plenty of challenges in store for new digital health solutions. Monikit, the company that developed the first AI-based detector for epileptic seizures, set out in search of an engineering partner. But not just any partner – this had to be a company that could provide holistic support for the startup, which sought to engage in standards-compliant platform development with the medical device’s approval in mind.

Holistic consulting and standards-compliant implementation

Let Kevin Klett, co-founder of Monikit, tell you the story of how we accompanied and supported the startup on its journey to an approvable medical device.

The solution: Develop modular system architecture

The digital health startup tasked us to come up with a scalable microservice infrastructure for a standards-compliant epileptic seizure detector that meets the highest security requirements. The associated web interface connects to the backend to furnish information and statistics on patients’ epileptic seizures to the physician. From day one, we approached this task by taking a holistic view of the overall system to support requirements and risk management and to share regulatory know-how regarding quality management and usability engineering. Always keeping the ultimate goal in mind – to get the medical device approved. We

Thanks to ITK Engineering’s regulatory expertise, we were able to work together to develop a platform that meets the stringent requirements in a highly regulated market.

Kevin Klett, Co-Founder of Monikit

The added value: Faster time-to-market with microservices developed in compliance with standards

Approvable, secure, and reusable microservices accelerate development cycles for medical devices. They also readily scale to fit demands for functions, users, and data. This modular microservice infrastructure can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. 


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Modular system architecture

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High scalability

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State-of-the-Art security

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